TOP PLACES to plan a trip in winter

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A winter you just won’t forget!!

Very soon the October will end and the winter will bring in the bliss! The winter reminds me of the famous quote ‘What good is the warmth of Summer, without the Cold of Winter to give it sweetness’. So here we are ready with a list of Top Five ‘must-visit’ places in Spain. These top five are considered few of the most beautiful places in Spain. You can start planning and scheduling your timetable after reading this. 😉

Here are top must-visit places in Spain during Winter:



This place becomes the best choice as the bitter cold won’t bother you in your motive of utter enjoyment, unlike in other places. This doesn’t mean that the city is relatively warmer; But what it means is with the exquisite ornamental architecture, bubbling fountains and lush gardens, skiing the Sierra Nevadas and other such must-watch attractions Granada becomes a worth-watching place.




Although this place is one of the most popular holiday spots in the world at anytime of the year, there are many reasons why its is a must-see place during Winter. The Santa Llúcia Christmas fair, a cosy evening, crowd-less places like the modernist Casa Batlló, the Camp Nou football stadium and much more fun awaits you!



The snow-capped mountains of Pyrenees are a perfect choice for Trekking during winter. It is a popular place for trekking yet this place has a different side too. Exploring the flora and fauna, the remote glacial lakes and streams, the local cuisine, the art could make you fall in love with this place.



This City blessed with remarkable beauty will be a great place on your holiday list. Although the city lacks what the Modernista masterpieces that Barcelona boasts about, yet, the medieval-age contemporary architecture is worth watching covered in snow. The art and music of this city makes it a fun-paradise like no other!



Valencia, a beautiful city, is third in the list after Barcelona and Madrid in terms of hypnotic beauty. This city, whether you have just a weekend or a whole week at hand, offers an unlimited amount of places to explore.

To be honest, these beguiling places are worth visiting at any time of the year. But the excitement of Winter gives an edge to the surreal beauty of these cities. And hence we suggest that even if you had visited these places before, do consider visiting them again during the pleasing festival of Christmas.

Now that you have got the list, do suggest your favourite places in the comments section below or share with us your experiences on / We would love to consider them and share it with our Travellers Trend family.

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