Ooty Hill Station

Ooty Hill Station
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The Blue Mountains have always been shrouded in mysticism, and Ooty is no exception to that. For every mountain lover, the very idea of travelling to the city known as the Queen of the Hills holds an allure like no other.
There are plenty of interesting places to see in and around Ooty, and the Nilgiris Mountains are your constant companions as you make your way from one place to another. Ooty is attractively covered in lush and dense deciduous forests with gently flowing blue rivers and fast-falling waterfalls cutting through the landscape.

When you move outside the Ooty town, you are greeted by a natural silence filled only with the distant cries of birds and the rustling of the wind as it shakes the leaves of the forest trees. Ooty is a wonderful way to get away from the stress of city life.

By Air:Coimbatore airport is just 88 km away and Bangalore airport is 295 km away. Both these airports are connected to the rest of the country through frequent flights. Bangalore Airport is connected to most major International destinations. Drive to Ooty from here. It would take you anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending where you start from.

By Rail:The closest railway station to Ooty is Mettupalayam. It is 40 km away and one could take the road from there on. Another option is to take a toy train ride to Ooty from Coonoor. This is more exciting and scenic.

By Road: A road trip to Ooty would be a great option. Besides, there are plenty of bus services that connect the hill station to all neighbouring states. The road travel would be more scenic and picturesque compared to other options due to the reserve forests that mark the way to Ooty.

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