The Monsoon Season as a blessing and curse – Arked

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The coming of the monsoons signals a relief from the scorching summer heat. Holding the hands of the summer comes the monsoons. The monsoon season starts mid June and continues till September. Dark and gloomy skies are a common sight during the monsoons, which only signify the much awaited rainfall. Though the rains disrupts our daily schedule and causes inconveniences at times, the monsoon season is always welcome.

At the onstart of the monsoons, people are seen to excavate their umbrellas, raincoats and gumboots. Students are seen scurrying to school with the colourful raincoats and umbrellas and seem very excited at times to have a shower in the rain. Office goers are seen hurrying to office to be able to reach on time. Sometimes when there is very heavy rainfall, life comes to a standstill during the monsoons season. Traffic jams, flooded lanes and bylanes, people and children waddling in the floods are a common sight in the monsoon season. Sometimes it is beautiful to watch children floating paper boats in the flooded waters. Most of all, a ‘rainy day’ holiday is always welcome in this season.

The monsoon season is a blessing for the farmers across the country as well as for agriculture. read more

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