Maldives’ coolest villas for a romantic getaway

Huvadhu Atoll
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Of all the human emotions, love is undeniably the strongest. This is probably why no travel experience can ever match the joy of travelling with someone you love. Treating oneself to candlelight dinners, doing crazy things together or just enjoying the simple pleasures of life—travelling with your partner is always about making new memories and reliving the old ones. So, whether it’s the oh-so-important honeymoon, an anniversary getaway, pre-wedding outing or marking a special milestone — a romantic holiday should be all about picking nothing but the best.

Located right in the heart of the mighty Indian Ocean, Maldives is quite simply the world’s best romantic holiday destination. While most of us equate Maldives to its beaches and luxury resorts, the country offers a whole lot of other things that remain largely unexplored. Underwater dining, submarine tours, island hopping, night fishing and wreck diving are some of the many offbeat things one can do in the island nation. The warm hospitality and vibrant culture only add to make Maldives the perfect place you should head to with your significant other.


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