5 Reasons to Visit Darjeeling

Tea Plantation Darjelling
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Here are some reasons why Darjeeling is an excellent choice

Darjeeling tour
Darjeeling tour

Darjeeling is renowned as one of India’s most beautiful hill stations. Located in the state of West Bengal, this wonderful locale draws visitors on account of its natural beauty and salubrious climate. However, people often wonder what the best time to visit Darjeeling might be. It is popular knowledge that winter is perhaps the best time to take a trip to Darjeeling.  India.com give you 5 reasons why visiting Darjeeling in September, the end of the monsoon season, can also be an excellent choice.

Less Rain, More Greenery:

One of the prime reasons to visit Darjeeling, at any time of the year, is its lush green surroundings. Known for its tea plantations, Darjeeling attracts visitors who love nature. During September, the rains are on their way out leaving behind the greenest possible landscapes.

Read more: http://www.india.com/travel/articles/5-reasons-to-visit-darjeeling-in-september-2018/

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