Zarwani waterfalls – Narmada

zarwani waterfalls gujrat
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Zarwani waterfalls is located deep in a jungle where you will find no network, no electricity, I mean can you imagine a day without any social media 😜.
Located in the Shoolapaneshwar wild life sanctuary in the district of Narmada, you can drive till the parking spot , just soak yourself in the beautiful view of the lush green forest.Best time to visit would be November to February. There are few resorts both owned by the Gujarat tourism and the private resorts where you can have a comfortable stay.

Please note that to visit the falls permission from forest office is to be taken.
From the parking spot you have to trek to reach the falls so better wear comfortable shoes and travel light.
Also when you planning a visit to Jharwani other close by places which can be visited are Sardar Sarovar dam, zarwani eco campsite, shoolapaneshwar wild life sanctuary, the Shoolapaneshwar temple 😇

So if you are a nature lover and want to have a perfect weekend getaway not to forget a day without the internet please plan a trip to jharwani falls😇

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