Zambia Tradition Tour

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This tour allows clients to be acquainted to the traditional life style of the Zambia people. Zambia has over 120 tribes, each with its unique and identifying characteristics. You will be able to distinguish tribe by their regalia, dietary and the cultural ceremonies. In Livingstone there are the Leya people who have upheld their culture fromtime immemorial. Get the opportunity to tour this functional village with affable people. Let them indulge you in their tradition and history which defines them as people. Let them give you a tour of the Chief palace and get a hint of how matters are resolved and the legal system is meted as tradition demands.
You will have the opportunity meet the women of the village that will take you to their kitchen ,show you their food stuff and even take you through how its prepared.
Escape a life of civilization and have a 2 hour appreciation of an unalloyed traditional lifestyle

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