My journey to Indonesia

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Rugged and adventurous, the Indonesian island is growing in popularity for intrepid travellers. But I felt it is useful in the terms of business. As a tourist, I find it to similar to India some parts. As performing adventure the island is a great place to explore it, diverse underwater escape, surf breaks and surging rivers, wildlife, trekking. Indonesia to be believed has also helped cultivation of trade to China and Indian Kingdoms. It has a lot of population and people there are very helpful. Half of the crowd are Indians to be honest. Positioned on equator, it sometimes experience volcanic erupts. The influence of Hinduism and Buddhism has been growing years by years. It adjoins Bali, Jakarta, and Singapore.  The products which are been exported – Rice, coffee, tea, spices, cocoa, copra, sugar, natural rubber, textiles, fish, poultry, beef, and eggs. Non veg delicacies are tasty and at cheap cost. Also, shopping is cheap compared to other countries.

Indonesia tour 2017

As I had been there for work, couldn’t explore much but as stated it can sound good for professional. You can always go for packages rather than only looking out for Indonesia.

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