Mahendragiri Odisha Tourism

Mahendragiri Odisha
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Mahendragiri is a mountain peak in the Parlakimidi subdivision of Gajapati district, Odisha, India. It is situated amongst the Eastern Ghats at an elevation of 1,501 meters (4,925 ft).It is associated with mythological stories from the Ramayana as Mahendra Parvata (mountain). It is a ‘Kula Parvata’ along with Malaya, Sahyadri, Parijatra, Shuktiman, Vindhya and Malyavaan. In the Puranas and Mahabharata that Parashurama practiced penance for a long time on the Mahendra Mountain. Legend says that it is the place where lord Parashurama is staying eternally. We can see temples built by Pandavas. Main festival here is Shivaratri, the worship of Shiva as Lord Gokarneswar.
The Mahendragiri is a place of great scenic beauty.

Mahendra Giri

The place is surrounded on three sides by hills and thick growth of wild trees. The view of the surrounding area from the top of the hill is enchanting. The range of hills on the north-west and south succeed one another like huge waves and the passage of clouds from peak to peak produces an ever-changing scene. The clear waters of the sacred Mahendratanaya, the blue sea at a distance and the mountain with its majestic beauty make Mahendragiri a trekker’s dream come true. Its 26 km. from the sea and lies exposed to the sea-breeze. The river Mahendratanaya flows down the mountain in the east through Mandasa and joins the Bay of Bengal at Barua which was once an important ancient port.

How to go

Mahendragiri is approachable from Brahmapur by three routes. The first route, the route currently in use, is upto Paralakhemundi, 115 km. from Brahmapur via Ichhapur – Palasa. The second route is from Brahmapur to Paralakhemundi via Digapanandi-R.Udayagiri and Rayagada which runs over a distance of 173 km. The third route is 126 km from Brahmapur via Ichhapur-Jarada-Kaipur and Paralakhemundi.
To go to Mahendragiri one has to go to Paralakhemundi which is about 120 km. from Brahmapur via Palasa( Andhra Pradesh). From Paralakhemundi one can travel by bus for 46 km. i.e. upto Kainpur, 14 km. from Mahendragiri and then to Burkhat pass (5 kms) by jeep and finally proceed to the Mahendragiri hill (10 kms) on foot. Now the communication has improved and one can go upto the foothill by jeep.

Where to stay

There is no accommodation facility for the tourists. The nearest places where accommodation is available are Jeranga where there is an Inspection Bungalow of Works Department and Paralakhemundi where there is a circuit house, a Works Department Inspection Bungalow and other private hotel. Lack of communication and accommodation facilities forbid many interested tourists from visiting this place. If there shortcomings are removed the place will attract a greater influx of tourists.

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