Leh Ladakh – the Best Road Trip

Leh Ladakh has been chosen one of the significant highways to hit the views, best experience for travel enthusiasts, adventure freaks. If you haven’t lived life on the edge then you have experienced nothing.


When you travel to Ladakh via Srinagar – Leh Highway doing the sightseeing, your body gets very much acclimatised to the high altitude of the highway. Hence, rather than worrying about your health, you definitely enjoy the beauty and explore Manali – Leh Highway. It is the best way of experiencing high altitude mountains, valley, and river across the valley, the food with original spices, exploring thrill experience making you feel independent.


From the lush green forests, picturesque villages, snow-clad mountains, intimidating deep chasms, snowclad at least 8 to 10 feet high along the road-side at Rohtang La and Barlach La you will be a witness to some of the most enthralling views along the Manali-Leh highway. I bet you will not want to close your eyes even for a second because it is a blink-and-you-miss landscape! Enjoy the scenic photography. J



Without proper acclimatisation, there are high chances of worsening the symptoms if you prolong your stay at high altitude. This may cause some serious health issues at one of the remotest places where even help would be hard to find for a long time. Precautions should be taken while you bag pack stuff. You should be sure about your health and medical check-up before leaving for Leh-Ladakh. You get an instant high driving through the drop-dead dangerous roads.

Article by:
Neetee Mhatre



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