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KhaoGali food
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1) Lane Connecting SNDT to Cross Maidan.

Once you enter this lane from the Churchgate station, your nostrils will be accosted with the aroma of food wafting out of the thelas lined on both sides of the street. Catering to the steady crowd of office goers and college students, who throng this place from morning to night, this Khau Galli is actually the lifeline for many. The staples at this Khau Galli are the butter pav bhajis, chaats and milkshakes. Fancy a non-vegetarian meal? Cross over to theCross Maidan, for some chicken curry with hot rotis.

2) Khau Galli at Ghatkopar
This Khau Galli with its exciting lineup of delicious street food is sure to satisfy every craving. Start with the panipuri stalls, and wind your way throughsandwiches, masala cold drinks and rolls; thetikkas are also very famous. At the Ghatkopar Khau Galli, however, the dish to watch out for is the ‘remix dosa’: if you spot a stall, go grab a bite. There is a mind-boggling variety of dosas available, with every kind of filling you could think of! If you’re here, try theCheese Burst Sada Dosa, which oozes cheese the moment you bite into it, there’s also Thousand Island Dosa and Ice Cream Dosa to be tried! End your khau galli sojourn on a cool note with a colourful gola from the Deluxe gola stalls.

3) Mohammed Ali Road during Ramadhan.
During that magical time of the year, before Eid, the stretch along Minara Masjid becomes a giant kitchen and dining, with its heady aromas of kebabs in the tandoor, haleem simmering on large pots on the ovens, aromatic rice whose smell fills the air as the lids are lifted. The sights are not to be missed, either, everywhere you look, there’s meat being marinated and pierced into the tandoor sticks, clay pots of firnis that are laid out on display, their tops garnished with delicate slivers of almonds, and hot malpuas in sugar syrup. Any meat lover is bound to go berserk here: with the delicious kebabs, nalli niharis, biryanis and haleems on offer. Walk along the stretch tasting what catches your eye, the best part is it hardly burns a hole in the pocket!

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