Gupteswar: The Gigantic Shiva Linga of Korpaut

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Koraput is one of the greenery district of State Odisha which is full of dense forests, hills as well as so many tourist places. About 55 Kms away from Jeypore, Koraput District, Gupteswar cave, holy shrine is located inside Ramgiri hills which is a famous piligrim site in India. It is a lime stone cave and its point of attraction is the gigantic Shiva Linga which is increasing in size. Especially people come here during Sravana month and on the day Maha Shivaratri from all over India. Some walk to the Gupteswar during Bol Bam yatra.

The place is mostly encircled with dense forest having rare big Sal trees and Saberi river due to which make the journey to the place most enjoyable. At the entrance of Gupteswar nearly 4 Km from the Gupteswar cave, there situated Goddess Dalkhai (local tribal Goddess). One has to offer branches of trees to the Goddess at that place before proceeding into the Ramgiri hills.

The holy shrine is called “Gupteswar” which means the “Hidden God”. It is so named because it was lying hidden in the cave for a very long period. One can reach it by climbing 200 steps flanked with rows of Champak trees. Some other caves are also there. Inside the second cave there is a large stalactite. People worship it as the udder of God Kamadhenu and wait to collect drops of water which fall only at long intervals. This place is popularly known as “Gupta Kedar”. According to mythology, the lingam was first discovered by Lord Rama during his Banabas.

One can be reached to Koraput or Jeypore by train or Bus and from this to Gupteswar by bus. One can visit this place by enjoying the natural beauty and a feel of tribal area with peace.

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