What should i do if my guest arrives late?

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If you’ve hosted a few experiences, you may have already come across this common pain point for hosts: a late guest! Perhaps they hopped on the wrong train, hadn’t yet adapted to your time zone, or just couldn’t find your meeting spot—showing up late happens to the best of us.

We asked our community for their top tips to help manage late guests and the group that might be waiting on them. Read on for creative solutions to this common issue.

Helping your guests arrive on time

You may be able to reduce the number of guests showing up late by communicating early and often. In a message sent to all guests at least 24 hours before an experience, many hosts do the following:

  • Suggest that guests add extra time to account for traffic, parking, and delays.
  • Give tips on the best driving routes or public transportation.
  • Share a photo of the exact meeting spot.
  • Suggest places to park nearby, and how much time to budget for parking.
  • Let guests know how to communicate with you on the day of the experience.
  • If there’s a second location on your itinerary, tell guests where and when they can meet up with you if they’re late.
  • If necessary, let them know the cutoff time for arrivals— e.g. 15 minutes.
  • “I started to notice a pattern on the weekdays and realized that the experience was being booked during rush hour. Once I start adding the extra tip to leave 20 minutes early and to double check on traffic along with some tips with parking to my note to guests it made a huge difference for me and my guest.

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