General FAQs

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Travellers Trend FAQs

What is TravellersTrend?

Travellers Trend is an online travel portal that serves two customers :

1. Travellers

2. Travel agents

To the travellers: we provide all the necessary information that one requires to know before and while travelling. We offer tips that are required by travellers/ wanderers to consider before planning their trip. We suggest hot destinations, ideal holiday places, most visited restaurants, etc. These places are obviously the most coveted ones, the ones loved by many such travellers / wanderers. We believe that only a like minded person can share an appropriate tip to the needy. And hence we come up with great suggestions!

To the travel agents: we provide you just what you are looking for. We provide you your customers.

What Services Do We Offer?

TRAVEL TIPS!! Yeah, we are just here to provide you the needed information. Many people across the world before travelling other country are a bit confused about that country- as to where to go, which places to visit, where to eat, etc. In such case, travellers trend suggests places that are visited already by many and loved by them.

How is Travellers Trend different from other online travel portals?

Travellers Trend is a one-stop platform/marketplace for planning a leisure trip or for that matter any trip under the sun. We empower travellers to surf multiple topics and further plan the trip as per the traveller’s preferences.

4. Can I share my Travel Story on travellers trend? Do I need to pay for the same?

Yes, very much, you can share your story! Just mail to us and we will go through your story. We can also post your photos if you share with us. And absolutely no. You did not pay a penny to share it.