My experience was awesome to Hyderabad

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2 days of bliss in Hyderabad

A mere bliss!! These words aptly express my experience on my trip to Hyderabad. It was awesome to be in Hyderabad- full on dhamal. Let me share some of its best memories.

  • On my First dayme and my group went to visit market –‘laad bazar’

Hyderabad has century’s old bazaars offering exquisite crafts like bidri and local products such as ittar, as well as chic boutiques and designer stores. Near to the Charminar, this bazaar is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions of Hyderabad. While visiting this place, visitors should ensure they have plenty of space in their suitcases for shopping, for Hyderabad has a little-something for everyone.Here is a tip from my experience: Laad bazaar opens from 11am in the morning and stays open till 10:30 in the night, one can enjoy at any time of the day, yet it’d be nice if you visit it in the evening. Because once you are done with your shopping you can make your trip to this place all the mesmerizing by enjoying a great view form the top of the Charminar

  • The places I visited the next day were:

Golkonda Fort

Golkonda Fort, also known as Golconda or Gollakonda, was the capital of the medieval sultanate.
The name Golla Konda in Telgu means ‘Shepherd’s Hill’. The massive fortification, medieval cannons and remains of armouries will leave you spell-bound and give you the feel of the dwellings of the Dark-age. A must-visit for the ones who love the call of the good old-age heritage!

Next was QutbShahi dynasty

qutb-shahi-tombs hyderabad
QutbShahidynasty, is situated 11 kilometres west of Hyderabad it was a Fun because I was not alone. It was a Siblings-day-out so my brother n sisterwas with me and we enjoyed a lot.

The same day we visited Hussain Sagar.It was good too. Further we also visited old city and the new city. To our notice, the old city is much more crowded than the new city.It was an amazing trip toHyderabad. Yet out of my experience I’d suggest that one must try to avoid visiting it in summer as its hot…infact, very hot!About cuisines?? It is obviouslyBiryani!!! This mouth-watering dish is the wow of Hyderabad!Every visitor comes to Hyderabadat least once to taste Hyderabadi Biryani.

biryani hyderabad

My verdict-It was very hot because I visited Hyderabad in summerbut the actual journey was just superb… Like I said before ‘a mere bliss’!!!

Article by Sabiha Khan.


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