Duduma Waterfall: Koraput, Visit Odisha

Duduma Waterfall
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Whenever we talk about the Odisha State, people think about temples. But except temples there are many caves, waterfalls, dams also located in Odisha. Nowadays all are interested to visit the adventurous places.

As we all know Koraput District is full of nature, like this one most adventurous water fall named as “Duduma Waterfall” is located around 70 Kms from Jeypore, Koraput Districct. Its about 175 meters (574 ft) high which is formed by the Machkund River. It is the third highest waterfall in Odisha after Barehipani and Khandadhar waterfalls. Its water support a large hydroelectric project called “Machkund Hydroelecctric Power Project” located at Onukadelli. The name Machkund is derived from a pilgrimage point called “Matsya Kunda” near the township of Paderu in Andhra Pradesh.

One can reach to this place from Jeypore or from Semiliguda via Nandapur with the meeting point at Lamtaput. The USP of Duduma has two sub waterfalls. One is on Odisha side and another is on   Andhra Pradesh side. An artificial waterfall is also formed due to drainage of excess water from Machkund Hydroelectricity Projecct. One can view the all from the “view point”. The aboriginal tribe of “Bondas” live near the waterfalls.

During the journey to Duduma, one can feel the beauty of nature. During the winter the place becomes the most crowded place in South India as everyone wants to visit the place and to feel the most attractive creature of God.

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