Jalebi, Dough is poured in circles and fried till it becomes golden brown


It may be a pretzel or a doughnut that you’ll might prefer, but nothing beats the Indian Jalebi. No other sweet can be this simple and utterly delicious at the same time. Dough is poured in circles and fried till it becomes golden brown, it is then dipped in sugar syrup and you have the complicated shaped jalebi. The jalebi experience is unique. Though crisp and sticky on the outside, it is warm and juicy on the inside. There are many ways to understad the making of the jalebis. Plus…

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5 Youth Cafes in Dream City

Cafes mumbai

1) Barista Creme – Colaba A spin-off from the Barista coffee chain, Barista Crème takes the concept of the coffee-shop and adds in deli sandwiches, salads, cheese melts and sweet hot and cold desserts. People still come here to enjoy full-flavoured espresso and cappuccino, but the café-like atmosphere ensures that people take their time. It is a popular place for breakfast with friends or a working lunch.   2) Cafe Coffee Day. One of India’s leading coffee-chains, Café Coffee Day serves up real espresso, cappuccino and other Italian favourites, made…

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KhaoGali food

1) Lane Connecting SNDT to Cross Maidan. Once you enter this lane from the Churchgate station, your nostrils will be accosted with the aroma of food wafting out of the thelas lined on both sides of the street. Catering to the steady crowd of office goers and college students, who throng this place from morning to night, this Khau Galli is actually the lifeline for many. The staples at this Khau Galli are the butter pav bhajis, chaats and milkshakes. Fancy a non-vegetarian meal? Cross over to theCross Maidan, for…

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Top 10 Coffee shops in UK


Coffee shops have always been an important place for everyone. You don’t believe us? Well, for teenagers a ‘coffee date’ is the most important thing in their entire life! 😉 For a group of ‘die-hard’ friends who want to share even the smallest of gossips over a coffee (inspired by the infamous TV serial Friends) or for a tourist who would begin his day with a coffee to explore the place by walking the streets, Coffee shop is the first thing coming to their minds. And there are many other…

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15 sumptuous foods you just need to try in your lifetime

food travel article

#FoodDrinks #Article: Is it true that words like ‘food’ and ‘travel’ hit the top of the list describing your weaknesses? Awww… We understand you! 😉 Did you know there are numerous delicious as well as soul-stirring dishes served across the globe? If not then never mind! We are here to enlighten you with these 10 sumptuous dishes you just can’t miss eating in this lifetime. Make it count list goes here… Tacos, Mexico A yummy handmade tortilla stuffed with small pieces of grilled beef rubbed in oil and sea salt then…

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